By: Blonde Two

MInutes of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Group Meeting – Thursday 28th Nov.

Present:  Blonde One, Blonde Two, whole Gold team.

Item One – Sense and Sensibility (the 45 minute “Being Sensible” challenge)

Both Blondes arrived in identical sensible skirts and monotone outfits (this was not pre-planned).  Blonde One had stopped being sensible by the time that Blonde Two arrived with her clipboard and very sensible pen.  A slightly sensible vote was taken and Blonde One was immediately removed from the sensible challenge after only twenty seconds.

Item Two – Routes for Practice Expedition

The maps were found, the routes were lost, the routes were found, a discussion of gpx files ensued.  It turns out that the routes were wrong anyway.

Item Three – Sense and Sensibility

Blonde Two only managed to be sensible for a further 10 minutes and giggling once again ensued.  The question “Is being sensible a good idea?” was put to the vote and the unanimous result was, “No!”  After a (not so sensible) discussion, the following points were made as to the undesirable nature of “being sensible”.

1.  Being sensible is boring.

2.  Both Blonde One and Blonde Two are very bad at it.

3.  You can’t solve problems when you are being sensible.

4.  You can’t pinch other people’s chips when you are being sensible.

5.  If you are being sensible, you sound like you are telling someone off.

A motion was passed that “Being Sensible” was banned from future Gold DofE meetings.  This motion was carried unanimously.