By: Blonde One

Friday’s camp out and Saturday’s walk look as if they are going to be a bit of a wash-out with a ‘severe weather warning’ looming over us! The decision will soon be made about alternatives and possible cancellations. This weather warning got me thinking about how much severity is involved in this choice of activity! Lots, believe me.

I will be severely cold – despite the down sleeping bag, merino thermals, hot water (Sigg) bottle, etc, etc.

I will severely need the loo in the middle of the night, but be too cold to get up. When I wake after a short number of hours sleep due to needing the loo I will regret this decision. You think I’d learn, really!

The muscle ache will be severe after walking from top to bottom of Dartmoor chasing after kids that are much younger and fitter than me.

I will severely wish, at about 11am, that I could have managed to eat the porridge, as I realise that I’m already running out of energy due to lack of sleep and calories.

The rain will be severe – whether or not the warning is lifted and I will daydream about the day I can put on my beautiful red Haribo jacket.

Despite all of this severity and harshness – I will have a lovely time and end the expedition with a very satisfied feeling. I think the level of severity correlates to the level of satisfaction. I generally don’t get a feeling of satisfaction after walking from one end of town to another but I’m sure that at the end of Saturday I will be a very happy Blonde.