By: Blonde One

Last night was the DofE Managers meeting for this area. We meet every couple of months to discuss important businessy type things! It occurred to me that what we actually do and have become experts at is sharing. This is what was shared last night …

Unwanted methylated spirits were shared from Mrs Peru Manager to myself and Mr Tipi Manager.

4 tents were shared from Blonde One Manager to Mr Tipi Manager.

Expertise on digital mapping and tracking was shared between Mr Tipi Manager and everyone else.

Mr Newquay shared very important ‘Windsor’ information.

Enthusiasm was shared by everyone.

Blonde One Manager returned to Mr Tipi Manager the tent pegs and rope that had previously been shared.

Knowledge and even some secrets were shared (if you promise not to tell, I might tell you one day).

Laughter was shared in abundance (a lot of which was directed at the Blonde in the corner (me)).

After a day at work important coffee and biscuits were shared.

Lastly, at the end of the night, lifts home were shared.