By: Blonde Two

I wonder how many of us feed our creative sides through time in the outdoors. I know that my writing flows far more freely after a walk and that outdoor swimming often prompts me to write poems. This is maybe why I enjoyed this video, a joint project by Columbia Sportswear and She Explores to film three women, who are creative in very different fields, as they experienced backpacking through the temperate rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington USA. As part of the expedition, the ladies were also testing some key pieces of Columbia kit. We have quick reviews of the Columbia Women’s Terrebone Outdry Ex Mid Shoe and the Columbia Women’s Titan Trail Short Sleeved Shirt for you below, but watch the video first. I was particularly taken by the landscape and terrain in which the expedition took place but also by the different creative outlets that the outdoors inspired in each woman.


‘It’s one of those moments that you want to capture and hold forever but its very fleeting.’ Gale Straub, She Explores.

Review – Columbia Women’s Terrebone Outdry Ex Mid Shoe (B1)

the Columbia Women’s Terrebone Outdry Ex Mid Shoe


The first thing that might spring to mind is that these boots are rather unconventional in their appearance. It’s not usual to find a pair of walking boots that are white. I would imagine that after a few trips to Dartmoor they won’t look quite as pristine as they do in the picture. As for their fit though, they are a winner! I ordered a size above my normal size which turned out to be a good decision. They fit perfectly! Although I haven’t done a mega long walk in them yet, I can tell that they would work well. They are very comfortable and seem as if, when they have softened up a bit, they will be a great choice for a long Dartmoor day.


Review – Columbia Women’s Titan Trail Short Sleeved Shirt (B2)

I am looking forward to trying out the Columbia Women’s Titan Trail short sleeved shirt in warmer weather as, so far, I have only been able to wear it underneath a longer-sleeved top. It is easy to see however that this walking shirt is going to be one that I pack for a good few of this year’s walking trips. It has a tighter fit (I would suggest going for a size up from your usual size), great stitching and colouring and (most importantly) does a very good job of wicking moisture away from the body. I tend to opt for merino base layers because they are often less smelly after a day out than synthetic ones but the Titan Trail short sleeved shirt includes silver antimicrobial yarn and didn’t whiff even after an expedition day under two other layers and a waterproof jacket. If you are long in the body, you might find this short sleeved walking top a tad short but for everyone else I would say it was a winner.