By: Blonde One

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The lovely people at Shaven Raspberry have been sending us some excellent little gadgets as you will already know from B2’s posts.

The little bit of loveliness that I want to tell you about is some new pencils. I have a very full pencil case already but it’s never too full to accommodate some clever pencils. How can pencils be clever? I hear you ask. Well, these pencils can write on almost anything! Including wet paper and shiny laminated maps. My previous pencil (the red one in the photo) is very well used and rather small now as a result (it’s also small because it was broken by someone very lovely a long time ago). These 3 pencils in blue, red and black, are waterproof and permanent and perfect for marking a route on a map. My Gold DofE group have had fun marking their maps ready for their upcoming expeditions.

Thank you very much Shaven Raspberry.