By: Blonde One

As with all good Blondes I like a bit of shopping! There were many reasons for me to look forward to our trip to Norway and shopping was one of them. I was excited to visit the numerous outdoor clothing shops and pick up some bargains. Helly Hansen, Haglofs and Salomon were the three at the top of the list. All three of these are quite pricey over here so I assumed they would be cheaper on the land of their origin: how wrong could I be?! I only had to visit one outdoor shop to realise that the space I had left in my suitcase would remain a space and not get filled with shiny new outdoor gear! Everything was very expensive in Norway and the shopping was no exception.

I pride myself on being such an experienced and expert shopper that I don’t actually have to spend money to enjoy myself though. I spent some lovely hours just mooching (great word: mooching) around the outdoor shops. They were full of really exciting things. In one single shop you could buy every type of sporting equipment and clothing that you could imagine, every type of tepee, glove,  gun, dog food, mug and thermometer. It was the perfect store for any outdoor or sporty hobby. It took ages to get around, but luckily there was a handy one-way system (remember how much the Two Blondes like a system) so that nothing was missed.

Each store was different but each one contained a huge variety if kit. What I liked the most about them was the brightness of everything. You certainly wouldn’t get lost in the snow with any of this gear on!