By: Blonde Two

On Tuesday I had cause to visit Dartington Hall. If you are ever in the Totnes area (not quite Dartmoor), you should give Dartington a try; it has a bit of everything a Blonde could want, including walks, gardens and shops.

I didn’t go walking, gardening or shopping like a normal Blonde; I was there with my business head (if not clothes) on and went to a meeting.

I think the meeting went well (although I may have talked too much and too Blonde); and afterwards I had a 150 metre walk back up the lane to my car (yes, that distance is accurate, I paced it). Unfortunately, after 50 metres, I was beset by that most summery of English weather phenomenons, a rain shower.

We Blondes are not used to showers. On Dartmoor, the weather mists, drizzles and pours on us, we rarely seem to get the relief of a burst of sun after a short shower. I sheltered under a tree and did some looking and thinking.Dartington3
I saw a squirrel, some strangely dressed people and some electric bikes. I thought these things:

1. Timing is everything in ‘shower-control’.
2. If you seek shelter too soon, you may get wetter than if you made a dash for it (whatever or wherever ‘it’ is).
3. If you rely on your shelter for too long, it will eventually let you down. Trees have a saturation point, at which they let water through in bigger drops than they received it.Dartington1
4. If you get impatient and leave your shelter too soon, you will get wet anyway, thus rendering your sheltering action a waste of time.
5. Rain really isn’t that bad.