By: Blonde Two

Some outdoor products are iconic aren’t they and I have to say that for me Sigg bottles have always been an image that has formed in my mind when I am preparing for an expedition. The traditional Sigg bottle is a great and environmentally friendly addition to any camping kit cupboard (for that read small room!) Blonde One is going to tell you a story about Sigg bottles we have loved and lost but I want to tell you today about the two Sigg Hot and Cold bottles that the lovely guys at Sigg UK sent for us to review.

These bottles (blue for B1 and red for B2 to match our jackets) are a generation beyond the original Sigg Classic (I guess the competition for bottles has hotted up) they have double walled steel skins which encase glass and do exactly what the name suggest… allow you to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. We have done some Blonde testing (on Dartmoor of course) and can confirm that Sigg Hot and Cold bottles keep hot drinks lip hurtingly hot and cold drinks refreshingly cold. I have started taking mine out in the garden with me as the cooling effect seems to work even in the sunshine.

On one particularly misty Dartmoor day we discovered that the level of heat retention can, in fact, be a bit of a problem. Sipping a very hot drink out of the top of a bottle is not necessarily the easiest feat to achieve and we recommend either taking a cup or choosing the 0.75 or 1 litre version of the Sigg Hot and Cold Accent which has its own cup. These larger versions do not have the interesting tea filter which sits at the top of our 0.5 litre bottles which is fun but not a necessity.

Sigg have not lost any of their design flair in this new generation of bottles. The Hot and Cold range is stylish, lovely to touch and could grace the pocket of the smartest of rucksacks without blushing. If Ordnance Survey are the Rolls Royce of maps and Blondes are a gentleman’s best friend then Sigg bottles surely have to be the Everest of flagons!

Thanks Sigg and well done!