By: Blonde Two

Last week I lengthened one of my walks to work to include a wander through our local copse to find a few signs of spring. I know, I know, it is still the beginning of January but, down here in Devon, spring has a tendency of arriving early and ignoring the possibility of later snows and frosts. I had a lovely mooch through the woods and foraged some three cornered leek to make pesto (recipe to follow tomorrow) but I am able to report that, although there were a couple of signs, spring is still struggling to make an appearance.

I found a few, sparse bergenia flowers

A single sprouting sapling (sycamore I think)

Some unfurling arum lilies

You have to look closely to find these things but they make for a great excuse to get outside for a walk and, when you do find them, it is really great to be able to look forward to birds and bees and the growing smells of spring!