By: Blonde One

On any expedition there is an element of silliness. The Two Blondes are particularly good at this aspect of expeditioning! I like to think that we make sure that our youngsters can have fun while journeying and say that they had a laugh. My latest trek was no exception and since it was the longest journey I had taken as a leader it inevitably included the most amount of silliness. Let me share some of the best games:

1. Walking pole chopsticks. This involves picking up a stone with the bottom of the poles and placing it in a chosen place, a friends hands is a good option. This game is surprisingly hard but not impossible with practice.

2. Jokes. Not only is a joke competition good, but a challenge to see how many times one joke can induce laughter is good. We lost count but I think we must have got to about 20. (Incidentally, did you know that males are better at telling jokes?) Our best joke, the more dedicated bloggettes will know is: what’s grey and doesn’t matter? An irrelephant. I am laughing now so the tally just keeps increasing!

3. Multiple uses for walking poles. This game is endless and only requires a little imagination. We turned poles into oars, weight bars, cellos, pens, conductors batons, and many, many more weird and wonderful things.

4. Maths games. (I am not well known for my maths ability, so I usually just instigate this game and step back from the playing!) Any application of maths to an outdoor setting can be included in this game: how many steps to get to a chosen point, how many gallons of water flow through a specified section of stream, the optimum surface area needed for 3 people comfortably sharing a tent, the number of shoe lengths taken to cover a specified distance (obviously adjustments need to be made to accommodate different shoe sizes), etc, etc, etc.

5. Juggling. If someone brings juggling balls this helps, but it can be played with any 3 objects of a similar size and weight (small children not recommended).

The games we played were endless but all helped to get us up the long, rocky hills. The only game missing was photographing jelly babies doing silly things, but we all know what happens to jelly babies when they get too hot!!!!!