By: Blonde One

This weekend has been good fun for many reasons and the Two Blondes and our DofE kids have had loads of laughs! There has been hilarity of many different kinds but the kind that sticks in my head the most is the silly sayings that have been repeated many times and never seem to lose their comedy value. Blonde Two is very good at remembering sincere, philosophical quotes from Ten Tors kids and using them to encourage participation. In the past we have had “the best day of my life” and “the best experience I have ever had”. But this weekend brought out the silliness in us all (perhaps it was the sunshine?). My two favourite quotes from this weekend are:

“You can’t talk in a straight line.” This appealed to me being a blonde as I often have trouble getting my thoughts and words to come in the right order. It was actually said in response to the fact that when walking in single file at the side of a road it is difficult to chat with each other.

“You can’t lick a fish finger off a plate.” I have no idea why this is funny but every time it was mentioned we cried with laughter. It came in response to my question about what chores the DofE’ers had to do at home, then went on to a discussion about how drying up was better than washing up since you didn’t have to deal with the food remains on the plates.

I don’t think these quotes have quite the same impact as our Ten Tors quotes but they do serve to sum up the tone of the weekend: silly!!!