By: Blonde One

As Blonde Two has said our day on Saturday was absolutely awesome. It was a pleasure in so many ways to be out with such fab people. I was especially heartened (that’s a good word isn’t it?!) to see children being children and enjoying some simple pleasures. The group of youngsters that I was fortunate to spend the day with were very content to sit and discuss some very simple pleasures like just being outside and listening to birds singing. They had a ball with them and managed to invent all manner of games, both sitting and standing. Despite waiting to be rescued for several hours they did not do the typical teenager thing and complain about being bored. They enjoyed each others company, being outdoors and learning from a lovely minder called Andy. Back at the training centre at the end of the day the team were more than happy to be entertained by some word games. The best part of all for me though was to see a bunch of teenage girls playing hide and seek. There was not a scrap of make-up, technology or media in evidence and they had a brilliant time!