By: Blonde Two

At least two lovely things happened on Thursday last week;

Firstly, I got to take my sister for a tour around Dartmoor. I have a few sisters; but this is the one who painted the wonderful illustrations for The Dartmoor Christmas Tree. We did a lot of exploring, took approximately a million photos and had a picnic on a very slippery rock next to the Dart.  Great excitement may have been obvious from our demeanour – we were researching the illustrations for Blonde Book Two!DSC_3520#1

The second thing was that, whilst sipping tea down at Deeper Marsh (Spitchwick), I spotted my first snowdrops of the year. They were a particular sweet bunch and maybe a taster of the spring that is surely just around our Devonshire corner. I thought that I should share them with you so here they are!Snowdrops Spitchwick