By: Blonde Two

As I mentioned last week, Blonde One and I camped in relative luxury last weekend with all sorts of mod-cons.  My favourite had to be our tent in which we could stand up, lie down and sit on actual chairs.  There was space for visitors and bags and decent sized stoves – we even had plates although we forgot to use them.  I have never had a carpeted tent before but I would thoroughly recommend it – it soaked up the rain blowing in through the tent door very well.  Did I mention the cat flap? – Blonde One couldn’t remember what it was really for but it was big enough for a largish cat or a smallish dog – we had neither.

Which was ironic because during the night we acquired a neighbour who did have a smallish dog but in the smallest tent I had ever seen.  This tent was around one foot high and dark green in colour which explains why I nearly tripped over it on my way to the loo. The dog was very sweet – he appeared outside the tent on a lead in the morning, but he must surely have taken up a lot of the very limited space in the tiny tent.  I suspect the tent was actually a bivi shelter – I am not an expert in these matters but it made my one-man Dartmoor one seem palatial.  The chap who emerged seemed perfectly happy with his limited space and hairy bed-fellow and had quite a long lie in.

So it would appear that you can sleep well and have fun in any size tent.  There is no doubt that there are disadvantages to the large ones, they need a car to transport them and take much longer to pitch, strike and dry out.  Blonde One and I have discovered recently however, that if you really fancy a bit of luxury, you can overcome all of these issues by bringing along a few slaves.