By: Blonde One

Despite Looe being so close to home, I don’t think I’ve ever been there. I certainly didn’t recognise it when Mr Blonde One and I had a weekend there recently. I gave myself a bit of telling off for not visiting previously as it was such a lovely little Cornish town. There were plenty of shops selling local goods which helped me with my Christmas present list. There was a wide variety of eateries and even though we didn’t stop at any we decided that we would return post-covid and sample a few of them. Our coastal path walk ended here with an amazing hot chocolate from a plant based coffee shop.

It would seem that Nelson the seal is a bit of a local celebrity since there was a bronze statue and plaque dedicated to him

For a small town, the Christmas lights were fabulous and we came into town especially to have a look at them properly in darkness. They did not disappoint!