By: Blonde Two

Last weekend it rained a lot.  Our poor expedition youngsters, their tents and their clothes were all dripping.  They have to be commended however for their ability to smile in adversity and see the funny side of their circumstances.

Dartmoor herself has recently reminded us Blondes that without the rain, she would be a very different place.  If you start digging around in rainfall records, you can see that Dartmoor does indeed receive more than her fair share of the wet stuff.  In fact, Dartmoor and her sisters Bodmin Moor and Exmoor receive up to twice as much rain as some surrounding areas.  (there are lots of numbers about this here if you want to look at them.)

From time to time during Saturday’s wet walk, we noticed that the sky was broken – small patches of blue stuff kept appearing.  The sun eventually managed to shine on and off and when it did the ground heated up so quickly that Dartmoor started steaming.  It was very odd and, a bit disconcerting but didn’t last long because as soon as the sky had sucked back up enough water it started raining it down on us again.

Dartmoor Steam Original