By: Blonde Two

I live at the top of a hill. This is good news in many ways; I always have lovely fresh air to breath, I get lots of exercise if I decide to walk home and (most importantly) I can see Dartmoor from my bed.

This morning, however, the hill is not good news because it is cold and this means that everything outside might be slippery. Our hill gets so slippery that, in one morning, we have seen three cars slide out of control into the wall.

I don’t do slippery. Legs and feet are supposed to stay underneath you and I get a bit discombobulated when they start darting off in unpredictable directions. I am usually alright on Dartmoor (once I have left the car park) because grass and bogs are actually easier to deal with once they are frozen.

So I have been thinking about investing in something to help me to stay upright. Crampons, I imagine, would be a bit overkillish on the moor (if you are not sure about the difference between crampons and tampons then you are past help) There are, however some weird gripper things that you can strap to the bottom of your boots that might just do the trick.

I have never tried the gripper things, nor have I met anyone else who has. Most ice-walkers are macho enough to have crampons (macho ice-walkers do not usually have tampons)! There are some grippers pictured below from Yaktrax.Yaktrax-Pro-Boot

All opinions gratefully received. Preferably before I have to slide down this hill to work on my bottom!