By: Blonde One

There are some very, very lovely people out there!

The Two Blondes are constantly surrounded by lovely people but lately I have been on the receiving end of some surprising acts of kindness.

  • You all know about the Gift Your Gear scheme which is brilliant. Thank you Sarah.
  • Somebody unexpected at work asked if I was ok and gave me a hug when even I didn’t realise that I actually needed one. Thank you ‘JV’.
  • A packet of Jelly Babies was given in return for a small favour. Thank you ‘J’.
  • The Two Blondes received some photos from a friendly chap that we met in the Brecon YHA. He remembered our place of work and delivered them personally. They were beautiful photos of the views that we missed because of the weather, but he had enjoyed the day before us. Thank you ‘D’.