By: Blonde Two

Mr Blonde Two and I went on a little flat Bimble yesterday afternoon.  I was feeling guilty about moaning about the weather last week and thought I would appease the weather gods and Mr Keats at the same time by searching out some “… mellow fruitfulness” to go with last week’s “Season of mists …”.

We decided to make the search a bit more exciting by having a little photography competition – who would take the best “mellow fruitfulness” photograph along the route of our walk?  It soon became clear that finding something to take a picture of was going to be much more of a problem than our rather amateur photography skills.


We enjoyed the walk and for most of the time, the Autumn smells that were in the air. There was one point when the aroma was less than pleasant but I won’t go into the reasons for that right now.  There were green trees, brown rivers and patchy cows (or patchy trees, green rivers and brown cows) and – all of the necessary ingredients of an Autumnal stroll in the English countryside.  Except, that is, for mellow fruits.  The blackberries were more berry than black, the rose hips were looking a bit on the hippy side and the hawthorn were so high that we couldn’t reach them.


Still, Mr Blonde Two loves a challenge as much as I do and the competition between us soon hotted up.  We were jogging between bushes and standing in front of fruit to hide it from each other.  There was a fair amount of scrambling through undergrowth and climbing on benches to get nearer to something that was a bit more fruity.

Rosehips 1

After examining each other’s artistic efforts, we decided not to declare a winner and had a lovely lunch instead.  I have included some of the photos – see what you think (I am not telling you who took which of them!)