By: Blonde Two

As we travelled through Norway it didn’t take us long to realise that the Norwegians are very good at snow-entertainment. Just as well because there was plenty of the white stuff about. We passed people of all ages skiing, exploring on snowshoes and having a splendid time with snow mobiles.

Although I had remembered the head torches (for the midnight sun!) our 23 kilo weight allowance had been too low to allow me to pack any of the afore-mentioned equipment. The snow was too beautiful not to play with however and not only did we find some interesting games, we also found out that snow is very useful stuff:

I made my very own Cresta Run

We made snow angels (Mr B2’s was better than mine)

We made snow castles (his castles were better too)

I made a beach/snow collage (yep, there was snow on the beach)

We played, ‘Who can get back to the camper first without ending up thigh deep in snow?’ (not me)

We did some snow writing

We cooked and then cooled our boiled eggs in snow

We used handfuls of snow to wash the dishes

We cooled our beer in the snow

We dined on snow cones