By: Blonde Two

I am not sure that I would count as a proper walkist because I just had to look up where the Cairngorms are. I knew that they were in Scotland (no, really I did) but wasn’t sure exactly where.  Now I have looked at a map, I can see that they are the UK’s Northest National Park whilst we, down here on Dartmoor, are its Southest.

They look amazing, we really must plan a north-bound Blonde mission. But not today, the reason I was looking was that I had a bit of snow-envy. There have been reports of snow on the Cairngorm hills (they are probably mountains) and, as I look out of my window, I find myself wondering if Dartmoor will see any snow at all this winter.

The signs are there; there is an abundance of berries on the trees, the sky has been pulling some dark moody faces and I have a new down jacket. Surely these are all indicators that we will get some snow?

Apparently Princetown (Dartmoor) has an average of 28 days with snow on the ground. This is compared to 200 on Ben Nevis and 2 on Blonde One’s favourite, the Isles of Scilly. 28 sounds like a lot but experience suggests that I am unlikely to be in Princetown on any of those 28 days.

This thought made me consider where exactly on Dartmoor I would like to be if if it did snow. There are many choices; the Dartmoor Christmas Tree is an obvious one, I have seen it in the snow and it was breathtaking. Maybe the Warren House Inn – lovely walking and afterwards an everlasting fire. Nun’s Cross Farm would be moody and photographic as would Grey Wethers.  But to really do Dartmoor snow, I feel that you would have to go North, to one of the wild places. Hangingstone might do it, you would have a hope of getting there because of the army tracks and there would be a view out over a bit of wilderness.cropped-IMGP4980.jpg

Any thoughts anyone?