By: Blonde One

Blonde Feet Hookney TorThe Two Blondes had an excellent day yesterday filled with all of the things on my ‘expectations’ list and a lot more besides. It was lovely and snowy on tops of the hills and some of it was quite deep. We spent some time sitting around waiting for our teams to get back from unaccompanied legs of the route and while we were waiting we found ourselves doing some very childish things. We wrote messages in the snow, made snow angels and I was introduced to eating snow (not the yellow stuff!) by Blonde Two. This last one was new to me but gave me a childlike thrill which on the most part I cannot explain! But I thoroughly recommend it. I have one little regret, that I didn’t have time to build a snowman, but there’s always next year. It was good to see that whilst up on the hills we were not the only adults playing.

It seems that the snow brings out the inner child in us all!