By: Blonde Two

For the Two Blondes our long and almost non-stop expedition season ends with this next trip.  We head off today with our favourite youngsters, on our final venture to the Isle of Man and then, upon our return, it will be an opportunity to rest for a few weeks and spend time with our very patient families.

It has been quite a season all in all.  So many firsts for us – Ten Tors manager and Gold DofE expedition are two examples.  We knew at the start that these things were going to be a challenge and then the brick wall reality of upheaval at work and redundancy news hit. There have been points when I have thought that 2014 was shaping up to be the worst year I have had so far; but I have a feeling that, towards the end, when all things are measured and life events put into perspective, we Two Blondes will look back on this time as being among the very best.

Who knows where next season will take us.  Outside I hope, and into the land of fun and determination that is the “World-of-Blonde”. Life can be and has been exhausting, but you have to keep at it, keep knocking on its doors and keep your sense of adventure.  That, if nothing else, is the legacy that I hope we are giving our young people.