By: Blonde Two

The saying goes (I am not sure where it goes) that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Well today the Two Blondes are looking forward to a very yummy sounding lunch indeed, and then afterwards, we have to do talking.

‘Not too difficult Blonde Two.’ I hear you say, surely you both talk all of the time? This is true we do, but not usually to a room full of seventy people. We are hoping that they will be very smiley, happy people because they will have just eaten a delicious repast.

We were very honoured a few months ago to be asked to be after dinner speakers at the Dartmoor Preservation Association’s Christmas Lunch. Very honoured, and a little bit scared. The DPA do sterling work on Dartmoor, helping to maintain both its ecology and archeology. They are also major contributors to DofE success in South Devon, through their Moor Boots scheme, which buys walking boots for youngsters who can’t afford them.

We have obviously had one of our unusual business meetings about today’s events; this time over chips at The Old Inn in Widecombe. We have discussed things we can say and things we can’t say, we have decided on a running order (somehow I ended up going first) and we have discussed what we are going to wear (just in case we both choose the same outfit).

I think we are looking forward to it all; we certainly will be afterwards (if that makes any sense at all).