By: Blonde Two

I honestly have no idea how to shave a raspberry, or indeed why they are so hairy in the first place.

I also have no idea why anyone would call their company ‘Shaven Raspberry’; no idea at all, but I like it.

I also quite like the guys behind the name (and not just because they recently sent us Blondes a goody bag of exciting navigation tools).

If you are: a) a navigation geek,  b) someone who wants to learn how to navigate, or c) someone who regularly uses a map and compass; you really should check their website out ( I would suggest (although I haven’t met them yet) that both Scott and Lyle fall into the very best category (that of navigation geek). Both of them work with Mountain Rescue and only put items onto their website that they use themselves; they have even designed some of their own products.

We Blondes will be Dartmoor (and Exmoor) testing a few of Shaven Raspberry’s exciting-looking gadgets over the next few weeks. Look out for some reviews (and some very happy Blondes!) In the meantime, do you know what these items might be used for on your next expedition?

Shaven Raspberry Goodies

P.S. Is ‘Shaven Raspberry’ actually a euphemism? I checked the Urban Dictionary, and will leave you to see what I found out yourselves!