By: Blonde One

I have had the pleasure today of attending a D of E Managers meeting where lots of similar people gathered to discuss issues and solutions surrounding participation in this worthy scheme. It struck me through the day that I have the key to why outdoorsy people are so similar – they are all quite organised! Today I have witnessed a plethora of spreadsheets, a multitude of lists and a vast array of diaries (both paper and electronic) and it dawned on me that although I am a fairly organised person, I cannot compete with some. To be able to juggle partners, children, work and outdoor activities is a very skilled job and should only be attempted by the most professional of organisers. These people know exactly what they are doing for the next 12 months, where they are doing it, who will help them, how much it will cost, how many children will participate (in some cases up to 70!) and most importantly why they are doing it. It really is quite remarkable!

I have spent most of the day in awe of all of these efficient people and wishing that some of it will rub off!