By: Blonde One

If ever an item of clothing was under-rated then it is the sock. They are overlooked, downtrodden and generally neglected. The Two Blondes have seen many young peoples feet with hideous blisters due in no small part to the wrong socks. Having said all of that I have recently spent the most I have ever spent on a pair of socks. I bought them for my Morocco trip (well, that was the excuse that I used anyway). They were bought from the fantastic Icebreaker and are made from merino wool. I am very pleased with them (not least because they are in ‘my colour’). One of the best things about them is that they are the only pair I own that tells me which foot to put them on!


The Blonde One family have an interesting array of socks and Little Miss Blonde particularly likes her socks. She makes a point of wearing odd socks: she tells me that there is a system but I haven’t quite managed to figure out what the system is. There are companies out there that sell 3 odd socks, which Little Miss Blonde was thrilled to discover.

On a trip to America some time ago we discovered a shop called Little Miss Matched which was full of odd socks.