By: Blonde One

Down here in the lovely Cornwall there have been some very strange ‘goings on’. It all began when the Two Blondes arrived at the fab Treloyhan Manor

The whole amazing experience is strange to us since we are more familiar with tents, cold coffee and rock hard floors to sleep on. Here we have had warm radiators, friendly waitress service, cosy pillows and quilts, a wardrobe to hang clothes, etc, etc, etc … All of this luxury aside, I am becoming increasingly worried about the weird happenings down here in Cornwall.

Firstly, within a few minutes of setting out yesterday we found a real life blonde yellow jelly baby! We didn’t manage to capture a photo but she was having fun splashing around a muddy puddle. Ok, I admit, it may well have been a very cute little blonde girl with a brilliant yellow coat, but she was doing an excellent impression of a jelly baby.

Secondly we found a dog in a hedge. You may wonder why this is strange but let me tell you it was … the dog was actually made of hedge and stood about 4 foot tall!

Next we discovered a range of kissing gates that were only big enough for the most skinny of people. Now I know that these people didn’t stay at Treloyhan Manor as the food is too good here to be on a diet. I had a significant amount of trouble getting through some of them but that (obviously!) was because my rucksack was too big!

After all of this we went down a particularly squelchy lane only to discover that our boots had turned a very odd colour. We are used to either clean boots at the start of a walk or very black boots that are covered in lovely Dartmoor peat. The mud here was a pale brown colour – very peculiar!

Lastly, Blonde Two did a very neat bit of climbing. She scrambled over a set of huge boulders, balanced along the top and climbed down successfully and gracefully. On setting foot on a very nice, level, grassy area, she managed to slip over (without actually moving her feet) and landed on her bum!

All of these things are making this trip a very memorable if not unnerving one.