By: Blonde Two

You may or may not know this but for quite a long time ago now, the Two Blondes have been in agreement that it was Blonde One’s job to do the worrying.  This system works quite well (especially for me) and I usually managed to help her to calm down.

This week, however, it appears to be my turn to worry about something – I haven’t decided to climb a mountain or anything mega adventurous like that but I have invited a whole load of people I don’t know to come on a Blonde Dartmoor Bimble with us on Saturday.  In true Blonde One style, my worries are extensive, well thought out and cover two possible scenarios;

Scenario One – The Blonde Crowds

We arrive at Foxtor Cafe in Princetown (10.30) to find that there are queues of people out of the front door and down the wet street.  They are all wearing Blonde wigs and shouting about Jelly Babies.  It takes three hours for everybody to get a cup of coffee and we have to take turns sitting at the tables.  Once we set off, Blonde One and I realise that we have no hope of keeping track of who is who and run out of New Zealand Jelly Babies for tasting very quickly.  The positive side of this rather nightmarish scenario is that we raise loads and loads of money for our friends at Ashburton Dartmoor Rescue.

Scenario Two – The Blonde Loners

We arrive at Foxtor Cafe (10.30) to find that absolutely everything is exactly as it usually is.  There are a few people but nobody is looking for any Blondes at all, never mind Two of them.  We sit down, feeling foolish in our Two Blondes t-shirts and sip our coffee trying hard not to look longingly at the door.  Being stood up is never that much fun (although obviously this would be the first time for either of us).  We wait around for the time it takes to drink a second cup of coffee and then slink off on our own to do what Blondes do best and take a Bimble across the moor.  This scenario is, to be honest, a lot less scary but would either raise no money or be really expensive for us if we were to pretend that lots of people had turned up and make a big donation ourselves.

You know the phrase “win win situation”?  Well Saturday for me has to be a “worry worry situation”.  It is never easy to do something for the first time so I hope at least a couple of Blondees and Blondettes can come so that we can get this first time over and done with.  So, a little reminder;


Saturday 21st September, 10.30

Foxtor Cafe Princetown, Dartmoor

Be There or Be Somewhere Else a Bit Drier

Donations to Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton