By: Blonde Two

South West Coast Path walks are a delight, even if you only walk short coast path sections at a time. I have never added up how many miles of the Cornwall and Devon SW Coast Path I have walked in short sections, but it would be nice if, one day, I found out that I had walked all of it (if not necessarily in the right order). There is, I imagine, a law somewhere that states that National Trust beaches (there are many along the South West Coast Path) have to meet certain strict criteria. Mr B2 and I visited Devonshire’s very beautiful Man Sands (me for the first time) yesterday, which I think met all of them. To my mind National Trust beaches have to be:

Stunningly beautiful – Man Sands definitely achieved this in low, wintery sunlight.

Almost empty – another tick, we counted about 10 people and it is a longish beach.

Image Fuzzy Fella Rides (Instagram)

Surrounded by interesting rock formations – definitely, we found tiny caves, caves you could walk (or swim) through, exciting strata and fascinating rock pools.

Down a slightly uneven but definitely walkable lane/set of steps/footpath – we walked down the typically Devonshire, Woodhuish Lane (more about the word ‘huish’ tomorrow.

Occupied by at least six eccentric people – again yes, we saw two men filming a pile (very impressive) of stones, two naked swimmers and two people eating pork pie on a rock (oh, that was us!)

We had a lovely walk, enjoyed exploring and now want to investigate this (particularly steep) part of the South West Coast Path further.

Time for the Tide: St Michael’s Mount and the South West Coast Path