By: Blonde Two

Today it is sunny … again!

Which is good news because the Two Blondes are off on a Bronze DofE expedition. We shall be roaming country lanes, crossing fields and camping in a beautiful spot – none of it on Dartmoor but all of it pretty.

I had to get in touch with Blonde One yesterday to ask her for special permission to bring my sunglasses today.  Strange thing to do, you might think, but we have a Blonde issue here.  Every time I take my sunglasses on a Blonde trip, it rains.  She has been very generous and said that I can so they are ready on the table next to my (even heavier than usual) day sack which contains sun cream and extra water for smaller people.DSC_1010There is another issue with my bringing sun glasses – I keep losing/breaking them.  I like Bloc ones and at £40 a pair, this is getting to be an expensive hobby.  This year, at the beginning of the expedition season, Blonde One and I went on a special sunglasses trip to Cotswold Outdoor (we love it there) and chose me pair number five.  I went for white this time in the hope that they will show up when I leave them on Roos Tor (pair number two) or when I go to sit on them (pair number four).

Blonde One has promised to buy me something (it may or may not have been a pint) if I still have the same pair of sunglasses at the end of out Isle of Man expedition in July.  I am convinced that I can do it but nobody else is.  We shall see!!!