By: Blonde Two

I don’t often start blog posts with an image but this place defies even the most verbose of Blonde’s ability to find words to describe it.  I have talked to you about Three Barrows on Ugborough Moor before.  Our beloved Dartmoor 365 book describes it as “A magnificent place to spend eternity” and it is right.  I have never been anywhere that has given me (Blonde One felt it too) such a sense of being in the right place.  The views are immense and the sense of exposure vivid.  No, I am going to stop there, words really won’t work here, you must (and I insist) go and see it yourself.

The Two Blondes headed up to Three Barrows early on Saturday morning.  We had camped near Shipley Bridge and risen at five to get our sixteen youngsters up and moving.  We took a leisurely pace up the hill (280 metres straight climb) but were pleased to note that we had still managed it at 4 kph.  We were due to check three teams through and settled down for what we knew was going to be quite a long wait. Team One came through ahead of time (they always do, we only just made it up the hill before them) and we had a chat and sent them on their way.

It was at this point that we realised that the wind chill factor was taking its toll and both Blondes were getting a bit shivery so we went for a march around the barrows (all three worth looking at) and found a hole in one of them that took us a bit more out of the wind.  We had a couple of hours to wait (this never happens) so we both lay back in the sunshine for a while.  I have to confess that I woke myself up by snoring so am very glad that our teams didn’t come through early.

For a variety of reasons with which we shall entertain you later in the week, the Two Blondes very nearly did end up spending eternity up at Three Barrows yesterday.  In truth it was only six hours but we felt pretty much settled by the time we left (if only someone had fixed the central heating!)