By: Blonde One


I thought I should update you on the progress of Little Miss Blonde and Numbers. They have been away since October and are having an amazing time in South East Asia. Their adventure began in Thailand and they travelled to various islands, villages and cities. They sat on beaches, ate scorpions, visited temples and trekked through jungles. After nearly 60 fantastic days they moved to Laos, where they are now. In Laos they explored caves, picked rice, taught in a school and watched some fabulous sunsets and sunrises. It’s hard to measure their happiness from all the way over here in the UK but I’m fairly sure that it would be at least a 9.5 out of 10!


Obviously their trip hasn’t been without some minor hiccups! Apart from being locked in a hostel room because the handle broke the worst thing has been Little Miss Blonde’s bites. Now I don’t mean that she’s been biting Numbers. I mean that irritating little creatures keep biting her. Like me, she’s always been one of those people that is tasty to bugs. We’ve tried all the usual things: spraying DEET, eating marmite, etc, but all to no avail. Whilst she was in Thailand I had a request to look up the significance of being covered in leeches. I knew that in this country they are harmless enough but wasn’t sure about the leeches from the Thai jungles. During one of their treks they had them falling onto them from the trees as they disturbed the branches, they waded through water and them found them inside their boots, in between their toes, and when they swam in a beautiful turquoise pool with a waterfall the little blighters got everywhere! She has apparently got a fine collection of mosquito bites that grows every day. The most worrying bite however came while they were exploring a cave in Laos. She was bitten by a spider and has a very clear double puncture wound to prove it! Luckily it wasn’t a problem and after a couple of days the swelling and redness went and the wounds disappeared. All that remains is for her to turn into Spiderman!

I’m trying very hard not to worry about them, but sometimes it’s quite hard!