By: Blonde One

If you are still trying to figure out Thursday’s puzzle of the week do not read on!

Widgery Cross at Brat (or Bray, Brai, or Widgery) Tor is one of my favourite places on Dartmoor. Partly because I only go there once or twice a year and never quite remember how spectacular the cross looks perched high up on the tor. It has the honour of being the tallest cross on Dartmoor (apart from those that are in a cemetry) and it was placed there in 1887 in celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee by a man named William Widgery. William was a local born artist and painted thousands of landscapes, mostly of Dartmoor. Living in Lydford he could clearly see the cross from his house apparently – lucky him! In 1861 his son Frederick John was born and continued with the artist family tradition. Frederick also painted Moorscapes and in my opinion perfectly captured the beauty and isolation of Dartmoor. I have a F J Widgery print hanging in my hallway and as with every other year, I am hoping that Father Christmas will bring me an original! Blonde Two, with her puzzle, has reminded me that I need to remind Father Christmas about this wish just in case!