By: Blonde One

This week the Two Blondes are embarking on the third and final element to my DofE Diamond Challenge. After a very successful Bronze expedition in Torbay and Teignbridge, and a fantastic Silver expedition on Dartmoor we are soon to begin our Gold Expedition.

LUCYS - WIN_20160130_211100

But where should we go? The recent National Parks week combined with the fabulous collections of OS maps, that we have thanks to being OS Champions, has meant that we have been utterly spoilt for choice. We have 15 playgrounds to choose from and didn’t really know where to start with our choices. We slowly narrowed it down to a few that were unfamiliar and not completely the other end of the country from Devon. We listened to recommendations from all sorts of people and did lots of research about popular peaks and features.

Can you guess where we finally settled for?