By: Blonde One

Our very own favourite Dartmoor café is in need of help. Foxtor Café has been looking for staff. It’s tricky when you’re at least half an hour’s drive away from a decent sized town; there is not really a ready supply of teenagers. Had it not been for Little Miss Blonde and Numbers being in Cambodia, and Not-at-all-Blonde being at uni in Buxton, we would have signed their contracts of employment there and then! What we did instead was to decide to write a job advert! Here goes…

The member of staff needs to know exactly how much cheese to put on cheesy chips. They must never microwave jelly babies (believe me this has actually happened). Display work should be good enough to know that the Two Blondes books should be in pride of place. When cleaning up at the end of the day this member of staff must be able to hoover round Two Blondes who have stayed after closing hours to chat to the owner. Fire making and keeping skills should ensure that the Two Blondes are suitably warmed after a cold day on the moors. This employee must not mind when Blonde Two spills milk out of the milk jug all over the tray and table.


Is this too much for a job specification? We don’t think so.

If you know of someone who fits the bill please let us know.