By: Blonde Two

Just before Harry the Dog died he got a touch of dementia and started staring at walls.

People must have thought that about me the other day because whilst I was waiting for my swimming friends I was staring at the sea wall. I remember ‘stand by the wall’ being a shameful punishment at primary school (I can also remember boys, always boys, disappearing into the headmaster’s office to face other, more mean punishments).

This was, however, a particularly fascinating sea wall to be staring at because it is made, quite creatively, out of two different types of stone. I am reliably informed that these are grey Devonian limestone and red Permian breccia (which has bits of limestone in it). I am particularly fond of Devonian limestone because our house is built out of it. The ‘Devonian’ refers to a time not a place (although the name came from research done here) so I guess our house and the sea wall are both built out of Devonian, Devonian Limestone. Breccia is a mixture of lots of bits of angular rock and can be all sorts of colours as well as red. Permian is also a geological period.

What is even more exciting about this sea wall, and the reason I was staring at it, is that it is home to some interesting fossils. There are some stromatoporoids (which is a name to envy) who were once lime-secreting sponges living happily in Torbay’s Devonian reefs and also some corals and other fossils.

I had a great time looking for them and I think I found some interesting things. We need our sea wall so I didn’t take any souvenirs. It all just goes to show, you don’t know what is out there until you Get Outside and open your eyes!