By: Blonde Two

Written on Thursday…

We Blondes understand that Get Outside is our usual motto but, following yesterday’s red warning, for today we are going to take the unprecedented step of suggesting that a bit of Stay Inside might be better for you and better for those who might have to help you if you get into problems. Not to worry though, with your stockpiles of outdoor gear and outdoor knowhow, we are sure that you will be able to keep warm and have some fun, here are a few Blonde ideas:

1. Have a competition to see who can wear the most items of clothing. If you are competitive, go for thin layers first. Mr B2 and I had just this competition when we bivvied out at Nordkapp in Norway, I won with 14 items.

2. Take the opportunity to add keeping warm calories by eating up all of those army ration puddings, boiled sweets and chicken soups that have been stockpiled in your camping boxes for years.

3. If the house gets too cold, put up a tent, get your best sleeping bag out and sleep downstairs in front of the fire. It will be the warmest campfire you have ever lit.

4. Get the maps out and do some serious adventure planning for when all of the beasts have returned to the East and when Emma has been put to bed.

5. Drink cocoa, we know you don’t really like it, we know you only drink it when you are outside but today we are doing Stay Inside instead… so put some marshmallows in it and drink up.

Stay safe! Have fun!