By: Blonde Two


Although we have walking in our name, we Blondes do also spend some time inside, in fact we are quite good at it. In the coming weeks, if you find yourself with outdoor events curtailed and in a state of self isolation, we have three Blonde outdoor/indoor activities for you. These come with a warning, they are not sensible or particularly productive, but they might make you smile (almost as much as a walk with a Blonde would).

Sort out your walking socks (possibly a whole afternoon)

There are all kinds of ways to do this but it is imperative that you first lay them all out on your bed. This is where the exciting part starts because you can lay them out in different orders:

  • Oldest to newest
  • Favourite to least favourite (don’t tell them which end is which in case they are offended)
  • Most comfortable to least comfortable (notice whether or not this is the same as the above)
  • Rainbow order (my favourite but I do have a few too many pink ones)
  • Biggest holes to smallest holes (if you do this you can occupy the whole of the next morning darning them)

Pitch your oldest tent inside (definitely a whole day, possibly a new house)

Part of the fun of this challenge is that, if you are like us, your oldest tent will be tricky to fit into your biggest room. You have to try though, imagine the laughter. Once pitched you can encourage all sorts of activities:

  • Asking your large grown up children to squeeze into the sleeping spaces they occupied as toddlers
  • Arranging all of the family sleeping bags on top of each other and jumping on them
  • Tent caterpillar races (in sleeping bags) if your oldest tent is a small one then part of the challenge can be exiting the tent
  • Set up a tent escape room with puzzles, quiz questions and (of course) prizes
  • Have a tent picnic (grownups are definitely allowed to do this too)

Write an outside quiz to swap online with your friends (one day to write, one to complete)

Everyone loves a quiz (if they know the answers that is). A good outdoor quiz has a combination of sensible, silly and impossible questions. It can be a good learning tool, or lead to some rather overactive discussions. We have given you a few example questions below:

  • How high is the tor nearest to the second highest tor on Dartmoor? (Sensible but requires thought and possibly a map)
  • If you had to be stuck in a two man tent with three other people, who would you choose to join you and why? (Silly but requires thought)
  • If you had to go on a 3km walk on your hands and knees, which route would be the most suitable? (Remember that mud is soft)
  • Find a walking route that is 7km long, takes only 20 minutes to complete and has a height gain of exactly 341 metres. (Impossible but will take up loads of #StayInside time)

We Blondes will back soon with some more useful tips on how to spend enforced #StayInside time wisely. In the meantime, you might be interested to note that, back in 2018 we were ahead of the times with our #StayInside advice (and rather attractive stickers)!

New Stay Inside Campaign from Ornamental Sorbet

Stay inside and enjoy your outdoor gear