By: Blonde Two

I make no bones about it, I am lucky to live where I live. This is especially noticeable during a lockdown when I can’t, with any conscience, visit some of the further afield places I love. Torquay is a hilly seaside town and even the shortest of my local walks offers lovely views towards Dartmoor and across Tor or Lyme Bay.

Last weekend however I avoided my usual local routes and got my daily outside time either around the block (still with sea and moor glimpses) or in the garden. Because I love taking photos so much, I turned my attention to the smaller things and found out that little views can be just as stimulating as grand vistas.

  • I discovered ice crystals on my greenhouse roof
  • I collected ice slices from my buckets
  • I pretended the sunlight on my wall was Mediterranean
  • I gathered pine cones and arranged them to dry
  • I built neat woodpiles from wood Mr D had chopped
  • I watched tiny pink worms wriggling in old compost

As well as keeping us all safe, there are other advantages to staying at home. For a start, I didn’t have to carry in my rucksack all the cups of tea and slices of cake I consumed.

It’s mid-week now and I am back to longer walks down and then back up those big hills. The weather has changed so I don’t think I’ll be finding ice in the garden next weekend. Perhaps I could collect raindrop photos instead.


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