By: Blonde One

Maps aren’t usually designed to make us giggle. They are serious bits of kit with a serious purpose. However the marvellous folks at Strumpshaw, Tingleton and Giggleswick have taken our beloved maps and done something fab to them: they have made them funny! Their latest edition is the Great British Place Names map and is full of places in our country to make you giggle. Needless to say, there are lots of ‘bottoms’ featured: Slap Bottom, Loose Bottom, Happy Bottom, to name but a few. All real places! Wouldn’t you just love to be able to put one of those names on your address when you fill out your passport application?!

If you’re a little fed up now of exploring your local lanes and footpaths, why not see if there are some local walks that you can take where you can collect some of the more unusual place names?

A little walk along the South West Coast Path might include a collection of places named after people. In the South Hams we have Leonard’s Cove, Matthew’s Point and Jenny Cole’s Cove all with 2km of each other. In my local area there are lots of places that sound good enough to eat or dri   nk: Candy Farm, Mead Cross and Cherry Woods.