By: Blonde Two

On Saturday the Two Blondes, whilst concentrating hard on mission Ten Tors, discovered some surprises; a beautiful valley, some hut circles and a pretty cool stone circle.

Now you could argue that we should have been expecting all of these things as they are definitely on the map but we were focused on mission Ten Tors and getting from checkpoint to checkpoint and hadn’t really thought a lot about the fact that we were exploring a new bit of Dartmoor.

The valley was the one that the Taw runs along before it finds its way off the moor through Belstone Cleave.  It is a broad, flat bottomed valley away from the North Moor army tracks and feels as wild as anyone could wish.  The picture below tells the best story.  We had to pass through quite quickly as we were meeting a team but we agreed that it would be a lovely spot to camp.

DSC_0904As we walked up out of this valley (a bit faster than our usual Bimbling pace), we stopped to check the map and spotted some hut circles.  They were not all evident on the ground but when we did find one, it was most satisfying, a clear boundary with several huts inside it.

The feature that really took us by surprise (and shouldn’t have done) was this stone circle up near to Little Hound Tor (no small canines evident).  It kind of crept up on us, not because we weren’t concentrating (of course we were) but because, despite being fairly out of breath and managing some phone calls from the more remote 55 Mile team, we had walked faster than we thought we had.

DSC_0906What a very lovely Dartmoor surprise!