By: Blonde One


Mr Blonde One and I explored our local area on our bikes and were very pleased with what we found. I had walked some of the Stover Trail before and so was pleased to get further along it with my bike this time. The going was easy in most places although it was quite busy so we have to do a careful slalom movement a lot of the time. The tracks were well maintained and well marked, meaning we could just enjoy being out and not have to worry about slogging up big hills, or constantly stopping to check directions. It’s mostly traffic free and has a lovely new bridge that was built over the A38. When all this lockdown is over we are planning to cycle to Bovey Tracey and have a lunch at one of the fab cafes there. An extension to the route would be a walk around Stover lake.

We did approximately 16km on our day out in just a couple of hours (including coffee stop) and I didn’t have too much of a sore bum either!

A very welcome addition to the trail was a ‘coffee diversion’. This new business ‘Blend and Brew’ was a welcome stop, especially since it was selling delicious cakes!