By: Blonde One

It has been confirmed to me this week that Gold DofE participants are much much better than most adults at quite a lot of things but particularly problem solving. The Two Blondes are quite used to various adults presenting various problems to us. This week has been no exception! I don’t know which was round it goes but either these youngsters are good at problem solving so they are good at things like DofE or by doing their DofE they become good at problem solving. (There’s the antimetabole.) Whichever way round it is, it occurred to me on Friday (while sorting out a fairly biggish problem that an adult had presented to me) that the Gold group always come to me with a solution first and then they tell me the problem. I don’t think they have ever just brought a problem to me without having tried at least a dozen different possible solutions first. I find myself asking myself this weekend how people so young can be so good and how can people so (let’s call them) mature be so negative?!