By: Blonde Two

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a most unusual worry ferreting around my head.  I was unpleasantly surprised by this as it is usually Blonde One’s job to do the worrying (we like to share tasks out equally – for example, road rage is my job)!

Before I tell you about the worry, let me explain the circumstances that led up to it;

1.  We were about to spend a day on Dartmoor with some youngsters.

2.  The weather forecast had said warmth and sunshine (lovely but you must admit, a bit unusual these days).

3.  I had discovered the night before that wearing an underwired bra can cause reverse polarity in your compass.  This resulted in a big debate with myself about the equally distressing options of having bouncy boobs or getting lost.

4.  I had looked up a reminder about what you should do to stay safe out on the hills in a thunderstorm.  Three bits of advice had stuck in my head – don’t sit in a cave, do sit on your rucksack and put all metal things away from you.

Have you worked out what I was worrying about yet?  I would be surprised if you have, a Two Blondes mind is a very odd place to be sometimes.  I was worrying about whether or not I would be more likely to get struck by lightening if I was wearing an underwired bra.  In the end I decided that I didn’t have time to worry and got out of bed to eat my porridge.  If anyone has an answer to my question, I would be interested to know.

If you want some more thunderstorm advice or indeed any excellent advice on a myriad of interesting mountain issues – have a look at this most impressive mountain safety website