By: Blonde Two

The Dartmoor 365 book sums up Three Barrows on Ugborough Moor more eloquently and perceptively than I ever could.  It simply says, “What a magnificent place to spend the rest of eternity.”  This is, of course, the sort of phrase that you can read in a guide book (365 is more of a treasure hunt) and pass by without comment.  One visit to Three Barrows on a bright, clear winter’s day (these are precious jewels indeed down Devon way) and you will feel the aforementioned eternity beckoning to you with cold, crisp fingers.  It will call to you from the high moor to the north and whisper your name from the glistening sea to the south.


The Two Blondes were both a bit mesmerised by their whole Three Barrows experience last Saturday.  The air was at its very crispest, its freshness almost intoxicating.  The light was low and hazy and the shadows long.  As we sat at the middle barrow, the sun was being sucked into the sea to our right as the moon rose proud and bright in the blue sky to our left.  There were few clouds but one seemed to be hastening its way towards us, as if trying to deliver an important message.


There must have been some deep Dartmoor magic at work because both Blondes independently voiced the desire to stay, there at the summit, to sit into the night and to absorb as much of the eternity as we could.