By: Blonde Two

‘Strewn’ is, in fact, a past participle. There are many days at this time of year when I feel like a past participle too, but that is not what I want to tell you about today. What I want to tell you is that the Two Blondes have adopted the verb ‘to strew’ and given it a new lease of life.

It all started a few weeks ago when we ventured onto Dartmoor to take in-packaging and out-of-packaging photos of our new Buffs. There is a tricky phase in between in-packaging and out-of-packaging which involves removing said packaging and finding somewhere to put it. I think it was Blonde One who first warned me not to do any ‘strewning’; and that was it, our new favourite word was born (‘Bimble’ and ‘Blonding’ are so yesterday!)

We Blondes have since spotted ‘strewning’ all over the place. We have even done some ourselves; don’t worry, our ‘strewning’ was in our tent, in celebration of the fact that for the first time ever, we could have a camp lie-in and be as disorganised as we liked. We took a photo of the messy tent; but it really is to shameful to show you nice people.

I found a bit of horrid ‘strewning’ on Saturday when I stopped at Cold East Cross car park to take my jacket off (Blonde Two’s ‘Guide to Dartmoor Car Parks’ available soon!) Here is the ‘strewning’ all over the grass, can you spot it?

Strewn Litter

I am sure that you can; a more interesting question might be, “Would you pick it up?” (this may or may not be called ‘destrewning’, we Blondes haven’t decided yet.) This BBC News article looks at the “angry responses on social media” to litter and other mess in the Cairngorms and asks the same question. There is a link to the vlog (I told you vlogging was a thing) that sparked the responses off here, but please be warned, Ben gets quite cross and a rude word or two slips out.

So, let’s get this straight: ‘Strewning’ outdoors is bad but permissible in your own tent. ‘Destrewning’ is to be recommended; of course I ‘destrewed’, if you are still wondering; and I shall be stocking the truck with rubbish bags from now on.