By: Blonde Two

During my Dartmoor walk on Saturday, whilst at the first tea break at Great Staple Tor, I must have been overcome by some kind of Blonde Sun Blindness because I took my walking top off.  You will be relieved (or maybe disappointed) to hear that I did have a vest top underneath.  I have no idea why I committed this walking sin but can remember thinking, “I am going to get so burned” as I packed my top away into the rucksack that didn’t contain the sun cream that I thought it did.

Sadly I was right and came home with some new, weird and wonderful red stripes in the pattern of rucksack straps.  Looking in the mirror now that they have turned more brown, I have decided that the top half of me looks a bit like a tiger (remind me some time to tell you the story of Six-Foot-Blonde and the tiger.

Another unfortunate outcome of Dartmoor walking in the sunshine is caused by the wearing of close fitting, strong sunglasses.  I find these rather necessary, particularly as I drove up with the car roof down (lovely).  I have left many pairs of these sunglasses up on Dartmoor and hope to find some of them one day.  Anyway, it was so shiny that I kept my sunglasses on for the whole five hour walk and, by the time I arrived back home and took them off, I had the most fantastic panda eyes.

I know that a lot of you lovely Blondees and Blondettes like to keep an eye out for interesting Dartmoor wildlife.  Next time you are bird spotting  or caterpillar counting and see a panda or tiger striding across the tors – don’t be alarmed, it is probably just a sun-burned Blonde!