By: Blonde Two

It is ok Blondees and Blondettes – I am back.  You may be forgiven for not having noticed that I was away in the Land-Beyond-the-Internet for a couple of days as I (in true organised Blonde fashion) set up a couple of blog post before I left.  Despite my stealth departure from my homelands, it would appear that a few of you managed to track me down.  This was very clever seeing as you didn’t even know that I was missing.

I have had a lovely couple of days learning about First Aid.  This wasn’t just any old First Aid course you understand but one which had been especially designed for those who prefer to provide succour in deep mud and pouring rain.  There were some great people there.  You could tell they were great because not one of them complained about the aforementioned deep mud and pouring rain.

There is something very unique about people who choose to spend their leisure time in outdoor pursuits.  There something else, equally unique, about people who choose to spend their leisure time teaching and encouraging young people.  Imagine then, a room (or a muddy field) full of people who all do both of these things.  It is a great situation for a Blonde to find herself in; everyone shares the chores (not many of those), everyone can laugh at themselves (and therefore each other) and nobody minds sitting in a public place with silly bandages on their heads.

All of these things, plus a few more less definable ones made for two days of fun, shared experience and support.  If I was asked to sum up in one word what these people all had in common, I think I would call it “substance”.