By: Blonde One


Edited hand written journal continued …

Not only did it feel like there was a plastic bag over my nose and
mouth, but I was scared that this would be the end of the trek for me. My
determination would not allow me to get so close and not get to the top. With a
little help from an inhaler I controlled my breathing and fears and managed to
plod on, even slower than before. The last 150m were to prove a tricky
business. My emotions were running high and I actually wanted to do the girl
thing and cry, but I could barely get enough air into my lungs to breath, let
alone cry. I knew that if I didn’t control the tears I would never make it. The
team were amazing and insisting on waiting for me. It’s fair to say that my
pride took a bit of a knock! The last few metres saw a range of issues from
fatigue to nose bleeds galore! Good job I’m not squeamish! One youngster kept 3
points of contact with the ground to try to alleviate his fear of heights. He
made it to the top but still has his fear! I’m very aware that in my journal I delayed
describing the summit and I’m not really sure why. The only reason I can think
of is that words do not do it justice. I climbed the highest mountain in North
Africa: 4167 metres! Oh my goodness! All of the months of worrying and
stressing were pointless – I did it! I conquered Mount Toubkal in Morocco! I
cannot explain how I felt at the top but needless to say I did cry (but I only
let a few tears escape). I literally felt on top of the world. The views were
just extraordinary. The vastness of the Atlas Mountain range was just incredible.
No matter what adjectives or superlatives I use, I will never be able to fully
describe the feeling I had as I stood looking 360° from the mountain top.